…and window too…

The window has been in for a while, but now the woodwork has been painted, along with the basic door frame. The doors and frame have been fire lined and the acoustic seals are almost finished, though the doors have yet to be bolstered (acoustically – it’s cheaper to get basic fire doors and add treatments to them). The seal is pretty damn good so far and some rudimentary tests have confirmed that the basic shells of the room are performing as expected…phew!


I am in the process of finalising the acoustic treatment layers (wideband absorbers, diffusers, bass traps, etc.) and should start fitting them over the next couple of weeks – first off some space needs to be made in the other room as it is now full of offcuts, tools, half empty boxes, etc.


It’s all go at Sandpit in between chunks of sample and recording work. The parquet floor is down and finished, so here’s a couple of photos of it – mmm, yummy!

IMG_1616 IMG_1614

At the time of writing I have made a bit of a mess of this lovely shiny floor as the final acoustic treatment layers go in, but nothing a bit of a wash won’t sort out. I have ordered new soft rubber casters for the Herman Miller Aeron chair so it won’t gouge chunks out of the finish, though I’m sure in time a certain weathered quality will come to it anyway. Just have to make sure the decor tempers the current village hall/school gym vibe.